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Lost Spawners in Entity Clear & Potential Hopper Bug

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Exaku, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Exaku

    Exaku New Member

    Aug 11, 2017
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    Username: Exaku
    Lost Spawners
    So around yesterday or the day before, I had 11 pig Spawners, I dropped them to a Skygod rank to change them into creeper Spawners, and as soon as I dropped them, entities cleared. (My luck..)

    Potential Bug
    So, let's say, you have a creeper farm, and you have chests & hoppers, you know, the casual, a stairway of chests with hoppers connecting them all, the gunpowder should end up at the bottom, and that's what happens until you place a buy sign above them, anything below the buy sign, won't get any gunpowder, it's a domino effect.

    Potential Reasons for this?
    1. The sign might be considered a 'block', as a block being on top of a chest stops the hoppers from working. (Although you can open the chest.)
    2. It's a bug with buy signs, or some type of plugin that concerns chests, and or signs.
    3. I have no other reasons.

    (Btw, that was my story, on what happened like 10-20 mins ago.)
  2. ToxicTiger

    ToxicTiger Active Member

    Feb 22, 2017
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    I understand that you lost your spawners, but there was a warning 20 sec before this happened, and the shop signs are supposed to do that to prevent players from stealing from other players by placing a hopper below the chest and taking all the items out. Thread locked.
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