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Official Guide Lines For The Forums.

Discussion in 'Rules' started by LordSchmidty, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. LordSchmidty

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    Sep 10, 2016
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    The thread has been created so players understand the proper etiquette to use on the forums. Some players also do not understand what is respectable actions on the forums.

    Applications- The staff applications section of the forums are for the staff team to know who is interested in becoming a part of the MineSharp staff team. This is a section the is mainly for staff to take care of. In the applications section it is ok to give feed back on other players applications but it is not ok to give any negative feedback. This is not a place that you should be suggesting players to change their application in order for it to be better. Our staff team is very active on the forums and we will handle that type of feed back on players applications. When you are put into final review that does not entitle you to a staff position or interview in any sense.

    Ban Appeals/Player Reports- Ban Appeals is the area that players can plead their case for the wrong doings that they have been accused of. Please do not Attempt to make judgements of these players on your own. That is something that the MineSharp staff team will take care of.

    Commenting on posts- Players commenting on other's post are highly encouraged and appreciated by the staff team. But it is not acceptable to post hateful, disrespectful or, all around rude comments. If the staff team is seeing you doing this you will be talked to and if it is continued then further action will be taken.

    Mini Modding- This its self is one of thee most rude things that one can do on the forums. What is mini modding. Mini modding is when someone is taking the role of a staff member when they are not a staff member. For example posting on a players application that they are denied. This is very disrespectful not only to the player that they are affecting but the staff team in general. This is a Offence the will not be taken lightly. The staff team will first contact you about your actions and if continued you will be punished. Do not take this lightly we have a hard working staff team that does that roles on the forums that are required. Please do not take it into your hands to fill the role if we are not keeping up to speed on our roles. We will get our jobs done. If you are found mini modding your posts may be deleted and your chances of becoming staff may drop.

    Advertising- Advertising your self or anyone else is something that is not very accepted by the staff team. Putting something as Soandso for helper or anything of that sense is something that we can see as rude towards us. It is also seen as very immature and we will change your signature if we see you advertising. Also there is no point in doing it. Advertising will hurt your chances of getting staff more that help so do not do it.

    Abuse of the ratings system- The ratings system is a system that allows you to give positive or negative feedback to your fellow minesharp players, this system is NOT to be abuse at all under any circumstances. This includes making a separate account to boost your own ratings, or using an alternate account to falsely give a player negative ratings.
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