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Official Application Guidelines

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Tiger, Jan 15, 2017.

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  1. Tiger

    Tiger Mod

    Sep 6, 2016
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    Hello MineSharpians!

    It has been brought up to my attention that some people have been posting IP address into their applications, and other things that they shouldn't be posting in their applications. So me and the staff team have decided to establish some rules for the application system.

    • No Advertising: When you're asked for your previous experiences as a staff member, some people decide to leave examples of the servers they've experienced positions in. It is okay if you name the server, but is isn't okay to post the server's IP.

    • No cursing: Some people think it's funny to slip in some jokes inside their applications, and that's alright, just dont curse. You can obviously use innocent words such as crap, and dang, but nothing too excessive.

    • No Excessive Caps Or Huge Fonts: This is something that bugs most of us, when people implement huge fonts or make their applications completely capitalized, so much that it hurts our eyes. THIS LOOKS EXTREMELY UN-PROFESSIONAL, SO DON'T DO IT PEOPLE.

    Don't plagiarize: Plagiarism isn't cool. If you want to apply, be creative, honest and make the application yourself. If you do plagiarize , we will instantly deny your application and you may never have the right to re-apply.

    The rules named below this message are directly pointed towards the commenters!

    Don't disrespect the applicants: We made the applications public for a reason, so that we can choose the applicant according to what the community thinks about him. If we continue to see players disrespecting the applicants in the comment sections, we will make the applications private.

    Thanks for reading. These rules will be updated if we find more issues regarding applications.

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